About Dr. Eun Y. Kim

I. M. Pei of Executive Coaching (Building Cultural Bridges)

Dr. Eun Y. Kim is a founder and managing director of CEO International. With a BA from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Kim has worked in both U.S. and Asia as a management consultant and executive coach and has taught around the globe.

As an expert in global leadership, change management, executive image, and intercultural communication, she has written eight books and guides on those topics. They include: Managing Self for Success and Significance, Global Intelligence: Seven Pillars for New Global Leaders, The Yin and Yang of American Culture: A Paradox, A Cross-cultural Reference on Business Practices in a New Korea, New Hispanics: New Image for New Leaders, and a 1991 Korean best seller, Image-making. She has also coauthored Cultural Detective USA and Cultural Detective Korea which teach how to bridge cultural gaps through on-line critical incidents.

As a popular keynote speaker, Dr. Kim has appeared in numerous international media and conferences and has spoken to as many as 6,500 people a day. Her appearances include:

Aramco International Marketing Summit (Saudi Arabia)
Chevron Global Leadership Conference
SIETAR Europe Globalization Congress (Austria, Germany, Bulgaria)
International Conference for Diplomacy and Intercultural Communication (Malta)
C-SPAN TV, Voice of America.
The 3rd World Knowledge Forum (Invitation only by Maekyung, Korea)
Society for Human Resources Management Global Forum
Motorola SPS Women/ Asian American Joint Leadership Conference
The University of Texas at Austin E-MBA Distinguished Guest Speaker
Texas Conference for Women (5,000+ attendees)

Dr. Kim’s high-profile one-on-one coaching and group facilitation clients include:

Government officials in Asia
APAC Presidents and executives of Multinational firms
An association of advertising/marketing CEOs/presidents
A large US city delegation of mayor, judges and business leaders to Asia
CTOs from Germany, UK, Korea, Singapore et al.
Fortune 1000 Global company regional/country managers

Dr. Kim serves on the Texas A&M University International Board. She also served on numerous boards, including the Boards of Directors for Austin Children’s Museum and Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce and the University of Texas International Alumni Advisory Board.

Dr. Kim’s Favorites:
Artists: Marc Chagal, Chang Dai-chien
Architects: Antonio Gaudi, I.M. Pei

E-mail: CEOINTL@aol.com

  Dr. Kim as a Coach

"Dr. Kim’s full day ‘Global Business Effectiveness’ session was excellent and well worth the time involved. In addition to cross-cultural training, this seminar covers many aspects of management and how to effectively work with, work for, and manage across the cultural barrier.”

- A US executive of an Asian multinational firm

"Dr. Kim! Special thank you for a fantastic program with the Korean Team. Our local executives were ecstatic with the outcome and it seems that the team as a whole valued the opportunity for such an open discussion and exploration of the issues and the way forward.”

- An Asia-Pacific HR Executive for a US multinational firm

“Dr. Kim, you were a hit.”

- Director of Learning of a US multinational firm after a Cultural Integration program for an international acquisition