Asia-Pacific Leadership

Can Asian leadership styles be adopted as a model for global leadership? Would there be a time that Western managers will study and embrace Asian management styles? Asian executives frequently ask me these questions.

The answer is YES! Asian values are destined to reshape the future of global leadership.

Peace vs Passion. That’s how I often feel when I read books written by Asian leaders vs. Western leaders. The former calms me down while the latter fires me up. When I was young, I was drawn to the excitement of the youth. I admired anything Western, (more specifically everything American).Thus, I chose to leave my birthplace and move to the West. Now as I reach the age which Confucius called the age of knowing “the Mandate of Heaven,” I have more appreciation for balance. Having spent each half of my life in the East and the West, I finally see the wisdom of the old and their potential for contribution to global leadership and humanity.

The world needs the complementary opposites of Yin (soft, feminine) and Yang (hard, masculine) for a peaceful and prosperous future. Asia is a place of many civilizations and Asians have different perceptions of life and alternative ways to reach success and significance.

Thus, I am convinced that positive Asian values will inspire and motivate new global leaders.

With accelerating globalization, some people believe that the world is going to converge and that Asians will need to be more “Westernized” to compete in the flat world. While most contemporary leadership theories and management gurus are based in the West, there are tremendous lessons and great wisdom to be learned from Asian leaders and their management styles which have contributed to the success of Samsung, LG, Sony, Toyota, Panasonic, Infosys, Tata, and Chinese multinationals

Based on the research of Asian sages and business and political leaders throughout history and geography, from ancient China to modern India, CEO International offers various leadership and management programs for Asian executives to examine and appreciate their cultural heritage so that they can create an effective hybrid leadership which preserves the best of their traditions and corrects the rest. These programs provide Asian leaders with fresh views on leadership, business ethics, motivation, talent development, relationship management, sales practice, and customer service which are closer to their heart. Such programs may also benefit non-Asian executives. Through understanding the cultural context and values of almost 57% of world population and expanding their mindset, they can become truly global leaders and be able to reach the heart and mind of expanding employee base and potential customers.

For program inquiries, contact CEOINTL@aol.com.

  Wisdom from Leaders

"Knowing some of the culture and the political background is half way, if not more than half way, to getting the solution

- David Simon, ex-CEO of BP (UK)

"You can’t expect to solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.”

- Albert Einstein

““The humanist requires us to put our differences aside; the cosmopolitan insists that sometimes it is the differences that make it rewarding to interact
at all.”

- Professor Anthony Appiah