Is America No.1? In her book, Dr. Kim, a new American, attempts to answer the question based on decades of conversations with more than 2,500 Americans and non-Americans. Kim lists 23 American virtues and 27 American vices from an Asian perspective. Applying the unique Chinese yin and yang principle (complementary opposites) to dualistic American culture, Kim lays out the possibilities for virtues in American vices and warns of potential vices in American virtues. Filled with Asian anecdotes, personal stories, and universal wisdom, the book encourages readers to take a journey toward cross-cultural excellence through mutual learning. The book will inspire American readers to appreciate their country and to transform their culture into being world class. For non-American readers, this book will help them understand what makes America great and avoid American challenges on their road to peace and prosperity.

Users: US Corporations with Asian employees. International expats to US, Foreign employees working for US multinationals. Colleges and language institutes use it as a textbook for American Culture class. Private school counselors use it for their international students.

Broadcast on C-SPAN TV

“Offers a timely insight into what people think of Americans."
- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (June 9, 2002)

Title: Global Intelligence: Seven Pillars for New Global Leaders

Sample Users: Symantec Corporation, Chevron, Freescale, Samsung, Sun Microsystem, etc.

Title: New Hispanics: The New Image for New Leaders

Sample Users: Avon, Motorola, Churches with large Hispanic congregations,

Title: A Cross-cultural Reference of Business Practices in a New Korea

Title: Image-making (available in Korean only)

Title: The Yin and Yang of American Culture: A Paradox

Global Sales Masters (Tentative title, available soon)

  Invitation to Global Virtues

Know Your Own Culture.
Seek to Understand Others.
Hold Your Judgment.
Respect the Divine.
Practice Kindness and Politeness.
Remember Your Responsibilities.
Honor Your Family.
Invest in Human Relationships.
Use Moderation.
Learn and Teach.
Source: The Yin and Yang of American Culture: A Paradox