Executive Coaching

Target Audience

C-suite Executives
VPs and Directors
High Potential Mid-level Managers
Start-up Leaders
Small to Medium Size Business Owners
Global Project Leaders
Newly Appointed Regional Heads and Country Managers
Executives with Diverse Cultural Background
Female Executives

Our Approach

Our coaches are certified in various executive assessment tools and coaching methods, including Birkman, DISC, Hogan, Myers-Briggs, etc. Each one brings different areas of expertise and unique coaching styles. Thus, we will match executive needs with coaches’ background and individualize coaching methods after an initial assessment and phone meeting with a client. The sessions can be conducted in the native languages of executives, including English, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, etc.

Most Frequently Requested Development Areas

Accelerating Cultural Change
Listening Skills
Coaching and Influencing Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Becoming an Inspiring Leader
Managing Perceptions
Developing Talents
Building Strategic Alliances
Executive Presence and Commanding Skills

  Dr. Kim as a Coach

“Dr. Kim, we call someone like you “guru” in our culture.”

- A US multinational’s executive in India

“In my 25 year career, this is the first time that I have received meaningful coaching. My boss, employees, and even my maid have noticed that I’m a lot more balanced in my management style and feel relaxed and confident in dealing with them, customers, and partners.”

- An executive in Hong Kong

“Even after working for 48 hrs straight, I always looked forward to a coaching session with Dr. Kim. Talking with her gave me new directions and insights”

- A Korean multinational VP

"Dr. Kim is the best listener I’ve ever met in my 25 year career."

- A US multinational Senior VP