What do you see in our logo?

Our logo symbolizes our vision for the 21st global leadership competence?.

Green Represents:

Mountain: Great leaders manage self and career like climbing a mountain with the end in mind. Taking steps for an upward journey hopefully and preparedly, they enjoy the process while challenging themselves toward the goal and appreciating beauty on the way to the top. They reflect on a Japanese maxim, “Those who climb the mountain must be prepared to come down.”

Chinese character for people (ren*): Great leaders put people first and talent development as a top priority.

Blue Represents

Ocean: Leaders create their own “blue oceans” through continuous development of untapped talent, which makes their competition irrelevant.

Water: “Nothing under heaven is softer and more flexible than water. Yet nothing surpasses it in battling the hard and strong.” Global leaders must be adaptive when they face challenges and opportunities.

Great leaders must develop the qualities of both water (gentle) and mountain (strong).
The 21st century leaders should be balanced with two seemingly opposite, but complementary skills - yin (blue water, soft and receptive) and yang (green mountain, hard and assertive)**
  Dr. Kim as a Coach

"Knowing some of the culture and the political background is half way, if not more than half way, to getting the solution.”

- David Simon, ex-CEO of BP (UK)

"You can’t expect to solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.”

- A Albert Einstein

“The humanist requires us to put our differences aside; the cosmopolitan insists that sometimes it is the differences that make it rewarding to interact
at all.”

- Professor Anthony Appiah