We believe in strategic alliances and collaboration for the best interest of our clients. For the unique problems facing our clients, we connect them with more than 100 experts around the world.  

Our Partners

Executive Leadership Coaches
Change Management Consultants
Cross-cultural Coaches
Image Consultants
Career Coaches
Presentation Skills Consultants
Sales Coaches
HR & Diversity Consultants
Speech Consultants
Feng Shui Experts
Etiquette Consultants

List of countries our partners reside:

India: Pune, Bangalore

China: Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong

Taiwan: Taipei

Korea: Seoul

Japan: Tokyo

US: Seattle, WA, Santa Clara, CA, Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Washington D.C., St. Paul, MN, New York, NY.

Germany: Berlin

UK: London


Israel: Tel Aviv

Turkey: Istanbul

Hungary: Budapest

UAE: Dubai

Spain: Barcelona

Brazil: Sao Paolo

France: Nice

Languages spoken:
English, Chinese, French, Hindi, German, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Korea, Hungarian, Hebrew.

  Wisdom from Leaders

"Knowing some of the culture and the political background is half way, if not more than half way, to getting the solution.”

- David Simon, ex-CEO of BP (UK)

"You can’t expect to solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.”

- Albert Einstein

“The humanist requires us to put our differences aside; the cosmopolitan insists that sometimes it is the differences that make it rewarding to interact
at all.”

- Professor Anthony Appiah