“Dr. Kim’s full day ‘Global Business Effectiveness’ session was excellent and well worth the time involved. In addition to cross-cultural training, this seminar covers many aspects of management and how to effectively work with, work for, and manage across the cultural barrier.”

A US executive of an Asian multinational firm
“ Dr. Kim! Special thank you for a fantastic program with the Korean Team. Our local executives were ecstatic with the outcome and it seems that the team as a whole valued the opportunity for such an open discussion and exploration of the issues and the way forward.”

An Asia-Pacific HR Executive for a US multinational firm
“Dr. Kim, you were a hit.”

Director of Learning of a US multinational after a Cultural Integration program for an international acquisition



  Wisdom from Leaders

"Knowing some of the culture and the political background is half way, if not more than half way, to getting the solution.”

- David Simon, ex-CEO of BP (UK)

"You can’t expect to solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.”

- Albert Einstein

“The humanist requires us to put our differences aside; the cosmopolitan insists that sometimes it is the differences that make it rewarding to interact
at all.”

- Professor Anthony Appiah