“In the beginning was the Word…” said the Bible. “Words become seeds” was a Korean maxim I grew up with. I preferred poetry to a long novel. I appreciated short, meaningful words in poetry and admired those who could use concise words to purify and prosper souls. Despite my limited talent for written words, I have strived to encourage and empower people through them and been fortunate to work with 7 publishers in 6 countries. I’m most humbled by global readers who read my books. “A book has a universe in it,” one of my publishers told me. I hope that you will discover a brand new star within you through my books below.

Samsung 3.0 cover 2018-03-24

Samsung 3.0:  Talent, Technology and Timing (Amazon)

7UPs_20100312_New Front_Cover_ppt_w.125-Kim

Seven Ups:  A Guide to the Good Life (Amazon)


Yin Yang

The Yin and Yang of American Culture    (CSPAN Video) (Amazon)

Managing Self

Managing Self for Success and Significance

Global Intelligence

Global Intelligence* : Seven Pillars for New Global Leaders

Image Making (Korean)

Image Making for Winners (Korean Bestseller)

Samsung 3.0 book Chinese IMG_3214

Samsung 3.0: Talent, Technology and Timing (Mandarin)


Samsung 3.0 book Thai IMG_1411

Samsung 3.0: Talent, Technology and Timing (Thai)



book cutural detective usa


Cultural Detective USA [co-author] (Available here)

book sokorea_purch


Cultural Detective South Korea                 [co-author] (Available here)

Thinker Rodin sculpture IMG_3811

Executive Presence (Book Chapter Available 2H2018)

New Hispanics

New Hispanics: The New Image for New Leaders

*Adopted by a multinational security company for its global diversity and inclusion program.